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Births of Paradise

Birth & Postnatal Doula

Providing the emotional, educational and physical support you need to have a positive and empowered experience during pregnancy, labour and beyond.

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Wednesdays at 7pm

Join me for a session each week to empower you to take ownership of your pregnancy, birth and parenting journey.

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Beloved Robin,

Thank you, I cannot think back to my time having the twins without feeling deeply moved.

I remember going into the hospital to be induced; we were laughing and joking and having a merry old time. I was being examined at various points throughout the night and the hours sped by with you there.

When finally I went in to labour at 381/2 weeks, the staff told me perhaps for the 8th time that I needed to prepare for a c-section, you politely and firmly reiterated my wish to have a natural delivery with no pain relief. You allowed me to follow my body without any expression of doubt or judgement. You spoke to me when I was free to talk and you were a reliable, caring presence when I needed to stay quiet inside myself through the contractions. Your massaging through the contractions were gentle and responsive, I simply cannot bring myself to imagine you not being present through that! Having had six children, I know my body well. This delivery was unlike any other in intensity. I cannot be certain that I would have made it through the natural delivery without you, or perhaps if I had, I feel that it could only have been with significant emotional trauma. 

Bedfordshire mother of 6.

Let's have  a baby together!

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Great! I knew you could do it! Speak soon x

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